Market your Business with
These 6 Creative Ideas

If you are thinking of a way to market your business this year, you should realize that you need to do so much more than just focusing on your brand or product. You need to think of the whole industry and the world. Small companies have to apply creative ways of showcasing what they have, and that means expanding your horizons and embracing new things.

Creativity in your marketing strategies will help you attract customers, and possibly convert the engagements into sales. Read our article below for some creative ways of marketing your business.

1. Use giveaways as a way of attracting customers

Use of giveaways as a marketing strategy may not necessarily be a new concept as many companies continue to do it on the daily. However, for the marketing manager, the focus should move from what you are giving away to encouraging more people to participate in your promotions.

Focus on increasing your customer base, by encouraging those who are participating in bringing in a friend or liking your social media pages. The engagement you build during the campaigns should last way beyond the specified promotion period.


Do not make the competition so complicated; the qualification criteria should be fun to achieve and not a mind-boggling exercise. You had better focus less on grand prizes and distribute the winnings to more people. For example, instead of giving away a house, as the main prize, how about doing home makeovers for ten customers. While a house is truly a grand prize, only one customer will benefit. The makeover, on the other hand, will have ten happy customers talking about you widely and inviting their friends to participate in future promotions, for a chance to win the same.

2. Focus on a creative website

A good website should give the user a comfortable experience every time they visit your site. But, how will you bring people to your site?  The process of making a website attractive enough to Garner interest is heavily dependent upon how you design it.

You, therefore, need to invest in designs for your advertisements.  Get visuals that stand out so that you grab and keep someone’s attention.  Ensure the designs speak to the user at a glance; too much creativity can fail to communicate well, so simple, tasteful designs may work better for you.  Simply put, let your choice of visuals tell your brand story. 

3. Use social media to your advantage

Social media is a great marketing tool because you have a large audience base, for free. It provides an excellent opportunity for a company to show their true self, thereby giving the customer the impression that the business they are dealing with is trustworthy.

Use social media to share information about the company so that the customers are up to date on any new developments.  Make sure that you respond to your customer queries or comments in a timely manner so that they know you are listening.

Use subtle marketing techniques, so that the customer does not feel bombarded with hard sell or unnecessary information. When a customer thinks that they are communicating with a real person and not a faceless company, they are more likely to buy a product. 

Think about the Shopify- messenger partnership; the business executives from both companies were quick to realize that the value of chatting cannot be underestimated. Customers are more likely to buy if they get personalized attention from the seller. Online sellers on the Shopify platform can integrate Facebook chat onto their system, thereby giving the customers a chance to chat with representatives in real-Time. By being able to ask questions and get prompt answers, the sellers can convert chats into sales quite quickly.  

4. Good content is essential

The rule to good content is informative and easy-to-read articles. It  is quite annoying to try to decipher the meaning behind an article, because of too many words that make no sense. The rage right now is to use keywords to increase your SEO, but do not get overzealous, and stuff your articles with too many of them.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about the kind of content you would relate to easily. We all want articles that will engage and add value; a little humor and creativity will not hurt.

Your company blog should provide content that is informative and has the right amount of research put into it. It will establish you as an authority on the subject, and you will become the go-to place for factual content.

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5. Use video content

Convert whatever content you have into video if possible. Many people respond well to visual and audio content because it saves them the trouble of reading. The preference for videos could explain the explosion of video blogs. Apply creativity in your video blogs so that the user gets the urge to view them.

6. Bring the customer into whatever you're doing

A customer wants to feel that they are part of your business because they spend money on your products or services. Give them an opportunity to do this by creating certain activities that allow them to engage with your brand. Make it something as simple as creating photos or selfie opportunities or even stepping up your corporate social responsibility programs with the customer in mind.

Any strategy you apply that directly involves the customer should be fun, exciting, and most importantly, valuable to them.

Final thoughts

Marketing your business requires that you do so much more than just shouting about your brand or product. It requires that you consider the customer, and do everything within your power to make the experience of buying from you pleasurable. Whether it has an easy-to-use website, having well-thought-out content on your blog sites, running special programs for the consumers like promos, giveaways, loyalty programs, among others; you must always put your clients first.

The key to business success is getting repeat customers who spend their money. No one wants to deal with a company that does not value them; therein lays the recipe to your marketing success.

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